Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why Human Design alone isn't enough!! A perspective from this here rooftop

Human Design came into my life 2 and a half years ago to shock me! I needed a jolt to show me I wasn't living authentically as myself. I had been in a sea of confusion, chaos and self oppression thicker than mud. Thirty three years (and who knows how many lifetimes) of deep conditioning isn't easy to dissolve, however at that point in my life, my misery was so heavy that something had to change. The life force had been drained out of me through so many years of searching for happiness outside of myself and never finding fulfillment. Only now looking back can I truly understand how thick my conditioning has been and how estranged I was from my Beloved.

After learning about HD and reading Jed McKenna's 1st book, "Spiritual Enlightenment- The Damndest Thing" I was a launched even deeper into a spiritual dark-night that sucked nearly all the will to live from my being. I came to the stark realization that if this is all meaningless in the end then why should I even try or do anything at all. Without my normal motivation to attain happiness through pursuing external goals, in my case which was about finding the right career and partner, and no real direction on how to find true happiness, the emptiness within was nearly unbearable. How does one move in the world if not from ego pursuits? I knew there was another way, and human design shed some light on this question. I was determined to find out what it meant to move from spirit. In the darkest of days, and there has been many, finding truth has been the only thing that has kept me going. Now I see that the colors of the world were washed away to push me into seeking something deeper, something intangible and much more real. I had traveled, had lots of good sex, eaten the best food and drink, danced til the sun came up, was successful in a career, and had great friends and love for my family, none of which satisfied a deep longing in me for something more.

All I had the energy to do at that point was to get away from everything and everyone. Moving to Kauai allowed me to slow down and sleep. I slept for weeks. I practiced doing nothing, and I began to see who was really in control. It was my egoic mind who was running the show and holy shit was it powerful over me. My self love was nearly non-existent. Whatever intuition I had was hidden below many layers of mental distortion. Unfortunately at that point, I hadn't discovered any tools besides meditation to help re-program my mind. Studying human design was also helpful, and I began to practice my strategy of informing which helped alleviate some relationship strain over the fact that I disappeared. My "selfishness" in pursuing truth has been difficult for my loved ones to accept and I am sorry for that, however from my perspective, there's nothing more important than finding one's relationship to God and if that means leaving everything behind and starting fresh, than so be it. 

Although helpful in becoming aware of the insane antics of the mind, simply being still is not only extremely challenging but is slower than molasses in clearing out the muck of the mind. This is why today, I feel like singing Amazing Grace. I have prayed for someone to help guide me to the next level and the call of my soul has delivered me a master who is a skilled transmitter in the art and science of Kundalini yoga and Ayureveda. I had no idea my guidance would come in the form of yoga but now that I am studying it, it's a perfect next step in my soul's transcendence to cosmic consciousness.

How can we "hear/feel" our authority when the noise of our subconsious mind is louder than the divine voice that's trying to pierce through. Why should we sit and wait and wonder when our authority and clarity will come? If there was a tool to help you clear out your conditioning faster than just studying your design, wouldn't you want to try it?

Kundalini yoga is a powerful technology handed down through the centuries by the great rishi's of India. Up until only 40 years ago, the practices were a secret to the Western world. Brough to American in 1940 by Yogi Bhajan. It's very different than the regular yoga many of us have experienced. Through mantra, meditation and breath work, there is a systematic clearing out the conditioned mind and chakras. This clearing allows one to begin to align to their true calling. Through the use of this age old science, we can accelerate the process of waking up to our design.

Both HD and Kundalini are sciences that are ultimately about about the frequency of our aura. When our radio station is broadcasting a lot of static, it is difficult to call in to the correct people and opportunities for us. Once the aura begins to broadcast more clearly, and the mind is clear, there is more accuracy in being able discriminating what people and opportunities are for us and which ones aren't for us. A clear path becomes illuminated.

When the mind quits trying to run the life, only then can the body sing and bring the truth of who you are to fulfillment. The mind becomes an obedient slave and the true master of the spirit, God, can emerge. This surely doesn't happen over night but in just 1 month of doing Kundalini yoga, meditation,  and mantras, I have an greater sense of calm and clarity in my life than ever before. Not only that, but my prana is beginning to flow and my energy is coming back. I am looking forward to more clarity and alignment in the months and years to come.

Human Design alone is not enough to wake up for most people because the depth and breadth of most of our conditioning is so severe it would take a jack hammer to just penetrate the surface. Together they are a great team. Human Design shows you exactly where your mind is throwing you off your path, bringing specific awareness to allow one to become aware of their specific conditioning thus beginning to less force to the mind. It shows you just how conditioned you are, and it also points out a specific way in which you can ideally move in the world, through Strategy and authority. And Kundalini comes into play as a very powerful tool to clear out the muck, and get one in tune with this true authority.