Sunday, February 2, 2014

Causeless Joy

A causeless joy has bubbled up inside me. My nose is runny, I’m coughing up something funky, my bills aren’t paid, there are many mundane tasks left undone, and the world is in chaos. However, today I am feeling the results of many years of healing and am finally so grateful to be alive. All the seeds that were planted through meditation, yoga, time spent in nature, crying my eyes out, working with plant medicines, prayer and forgiveness have begun to fruit.  The depression is gone. What for so many years was my gauge of my happiness; my career and what I am able to produce in the world, is now insignificant to the ever growing relationship I have with the divine. My worth isn’t based anymore on what I have or what I can produce, how much money I have, what people think of me, or how my life is unfolding. I know without a doubt that the truth of who I am is so much greater than this body and mind and it is the most amazing and fascinating discovery I have made in my life. Nothing can even come close to the mystery and love that grows within and awaits my deeper discovery.  I am anchored in Truth. Sat Nam!