Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mary Jane - Friend of Foe - 02/13/11

Instead of viewing my affinity for smoking herb as an enemy, I’m looking at her in a new light today. She is a medicine, here to simultaneously extract a mix of some things beautiful and some things tainted.

Mary Jane is my friend. I see the world in a new perspective; I see my mind in a new perspective. A gateway to another dimension is opened and new pieces of my puzzle fit into their places. I sink into my body and all my senses heighten to an 11. My creative mind rutts it’s lovely head.

Mary Jane is my foe. The oppression sneaks in (47.3), and reminds me of a differing perspective. That my writing sucks, that addictions are bad, that I can’t complete anything (53.2). My body follows, a sinking sensation in my gut, a tightness in the throat, heart beating faster. It’s an internal battle of right and wrong that the foe is winning at the moment.

What I also think that I think is that there is no such thing as good or bad in the scope of the universe and my true existence here on earth. The only reason my body has these negative reactions is because I am resisting what IS. To judge this moment as good or bad is only to give meaning to it and take me away from the present moment. Just as I judge others (18.4), so too I judge myself.

Addictions…they mess up your body, they cloud your mind, they spin you around and force you into a dark place. But perhaps this darkness isn’t so bad. What I can reflect on, is that these true moments of fear in my life have been necessary to see where growth in me is possible. What ever is exposed to the light is transformed by it. By isolating myself and de-conditioning from the world’s energy and agenda, I’m really able to step back and look at my mind. Today, I’m looking at my fears dead on, and I’m seeing my mind choose sides against me. Today, I’m laughing in its face.

It’s only a trap the mind is playing on me. It’s agenda is to keep me safely confined within the program of maya. For some reason, the program wants us to live in fear. And just like everyone else on this planet, I have been a victim to it.

I've been riding out these dark cloudy days and the sun has finally peaked through. I feel the program has shifted. My melancholy of yesterday is transformed into a creative muse of today. Letting it flow and riding it out is all I can do. After all, it's just chemistry.

– a visit to Jerry’s Fruitstand in Anahola
“Today’s a good day for a pineapple” he informs me as I browse the fruit. Without even skipping a beat I hear myself saying “that sounds good.”

If he had said "do you want some pineapple?" I probably would've said no thanks.

Filling in the Void Cake - 01/01/11

I love following recipes. Unfortunately, splenic authority is not about following a recipe. It feels like I’m writing a new recipe for a dish that’s never been created before, using ingredients I can’t even pronounce or know where to find. Sure there are guidelines, others have written their own recipe and I can learn about what they’ve done. But as a few of my brutally honest HD friends have pointed out, I keep looking for how to do this experiment in some outside authority. It’s something I’ve done my whole life. My mind desperately wants someone to give me the recipe to get me there, and get me there now. I know I can be incredibly impatient but it’s really not fair that pure sacral generators have an incredible tool to wake them up within weeks and I’m waiting around for some quiet little voice to tell me what to do. And God knows how long that will take to develop.

And while I wait, I discover my un-comfort with the present moment. Wanting, wanting, wanting to fill the ever-present void. This deep sense of the blackness of existence scares the hell out of me. It’s there, laughing at me way in the background all the time. I’m a master at pretending it’s not there. I’m addicted to sensations. Things like a beautiful nature scene, a strong salty or sugary taste, a yummy smell, a fantastic song, a soft fuzzy animal, a passionate kiss, an orgasm. If it tantalizes me in anyway, I want it. And for a moment, when I get what I want, I’m satisfied. Then the wanting starts again. My mind likes these distractions. It keeps it powerful.

My eyes are the most deceiving of sensations. They are so seemingly innocent but when they see something I’ve decided I like, my mind convinces me that the world is a beautiful place and everything is good. What I’ve realized is that my eyes serve as yet another way to put the delicious filling in the void cake. They help my mind identify with who I think is me. Having plans to go somewhere, do something, or eat something is also another great distraction for it allows me to live in the future. But whatever it is, as soon as I get it and the buzz fades, the blackness creeps in again and I’m reaching for the next thing.

I’m terrified. Slowly becoming nothing isn’t a roller coaster ride like my life used to be. I used to have ups and downs that made me feel like I was alive. It wasn’t always a fun ride, but at least it was a wild ride. Theses days I feel like I’m flat lining. There’s hardly an urge in me to be with the other. There’s very little inner guidance to even do anything, but it’s difficult to sit still and the pressure is always there to do something. If I don’t initiate or produce anything, I’m afraid I’ll be nothing. I’m floating in between the vast space of dreaming and wakefulness. I can’t go back now. What would I go back to? Pretending like I don’t know?

This fear that permeates the air I breathe gets thicker and I smell it around every corner. The fear that I’ll disappear. The fear that the Trista I thought I was isn’t even close to the Trista who just is. I thought I was creative, active, adventurous, funny, gregarious, and smart. I thought I was going to do great things and save the planet. I wanted and expected a lot. All of that is slipping away. I really have no clue who I am and I really don’t want to care anymore. There is my mind, strong as ever, the master over my identity and me. I just want to puke it up.

My HD reading is really messing with me because it's told me I can achieve perfection if I just follow my strategy and authority. If I inform people and listen to my intuition, I can live my true purpose. It’s all about possibilities. Possibilities are all about the future. However, if I focus on the future of possibilities, the more my mind thinks it has control and that I get to decide what I want. There's a constant battle of control between my mind and my body.

What I think I think I think today is that I can’t pursue trying to get somewhere, waking up just doesn’t work that way. But it’s there, dangling like a carrot in front of me, my lovely and scary human design chart. The superhero that I could be if I just surrender, and let it all go.