Saturday, December 5, 2015

Astrology & Human Design of Meeting my Guru

Meeting my new beloved teacher Devaji and moving to Mt. Shasta all fell into place very auspiciously, it was true Destiny. It was also a good example of what it means to wait for the energy to initiate as a Manifestor and how splenic/ego authority works. When I wait for the energy, everything falls into place effortlessly and the change is fun.

Pluto in Cap squaring my natal Rahu/Ketu conjunct Uranus in Aries - also I have Rahu/Pluto/Sun all around 15° Libra which was squaring Pluto
***Transiting Pluto (death, rebirth and transformation) in Capricorn (my 6th house) was Squaring my natal Ketu or south node which represents my past lives. In addition Uranus (planet of sudden change and enlightenment) was opposite my Sun/Rahu/Pluto within 2 degrees. I found this information about it on an school of evolutionary astrology forum from Deva. "In the case of Pluto square the nodal axis the Soul has not fully developed the lessons reflected by either of the nodes and so has skipped steps to resolve in both areas (NN and SN). The Soul has attempted to evade or escape these lessons by fluctuating back and forth between the behaviors of the South Node and the North Node (so neither area has been fully resolved or developed). In the current life then, the Soul must fully recover or resolve those skipped steps (it is a critical evolutionary juncture for any Soul that has this natal signature). Transits symbolize critical times from an evolutionary point of view where the core lessons in the natal chart are emphasized to be resolved, and growth is intended to occur in an accleterated/intensifed manner.

My North node is ruled by Venus. One of the skipped lessons Devaji has come to assist me with is that of unconditional love and how to have healthy plutonic intimate relationships with men.

On April 18th, 2015 with a new moon in Aries in my 9th house of spirituality. My spleen intution was speaking to me. There was this strong voice inside me to email a man, lets call him Seth, that I had met 3 years prior at a Kundalini retreat. I was instantly attracted to him back then and found out he was already in a relationship so I didn't pursue asking him to hang out then. 3 years later on this day, after seeing that he was back in town from a long trip to India, my mind literally kept me awake tossing and turning with the command, "just do it, reach out to him and ask him to hang out". And so the next morning I did. I emailed him and asked him if he would like to hang out at the river and a day later he responded yes. I was so excited. Little did I know that this meeting was for the purpose of introducing me to my new teacher.

April 22nd, I had the honor of attending a one-on-one Ayahuasca ceremony with a Shaman in training at her house. Besides it being very intense physically, it wasn't a dark or scary experience like I had in Peru. As usual, I was brought to the experience of death, or the edge of my ego consciousness. The breath and heart stopped a few times momentarily to be shown the vast silence of consciousness beyond my body mind self. The booming silent emptiness came to the foreground and I was able to sit with it in peace. I felt grounded and safe, protected by benevolent beings. I had asked my Shaman friend Kirstie who I met at the temple in Peru to be there with me in spirit to help protect me and she was there on my left. The kundalini energy was pumping up my spine and moving my body in undulations. This was quite typical. Afterwards I just felt completely emptied out. Kristie said this was a good thing, as this made space for new things to enter my life. And truly big new things were on the horizon.

I attended a Shamanic Drum Journey with Lily Pantheon locally here in Grass Valley. She guided us on a journey to the upper world where we were to meet our higher self and receive a healing or something we needed. As usual, I didn't expect anything significant to happen because sometimes it doesn't. In hindsight, I can see how significant this even really was. On the journey I ascended up above the clouds into space. I stopped in space which was empty except some clouds beneath my feet. There was no one or nothing there and I just waited to see what would appear. After awhile of waiting, Ramana Maharshi appeared in the clouds and told me I had to go all the way (to enlightenment) I knew exactly what he meant.

4 Days later, April 27th, I spent the day at the river with my new friend Seth and we discovered we had similar devotion to the path of liberation. We spoke of our teachers and experiences. We swam in the majestic Yuba river and relaxed in the sun on the rocks, it was a lovely time. He told me about his teacher, Devaji in Shasta and told me I would probably like him as he was in the Ramana Maharishi lineage. As soon as I got home from the river, I pulled up Devaji's videos on youtube and began to watch. His intensity immediately drew me in and a deep hunger for awakening was reignited in me like never before. Right away, I wanted to meet this man. There was a 5 day retreat coming up in May that I was drawn to attend but I had no idea how I would financially afford it.

A few days later, I decided to call the person in charge of registration for the retreats to find out if there were any work trade opportunities. Long story short, because I expressed a strong hunger and serious devotion to the path, I was granted a partial scholarship to attend the retreat for a small percentage of the price. In addition, I was graciously offered a place to stay practically for free with a lovely woman from the Sangha in her beautiful house on Lake Shastina. It couldn't have fallen into place any easier and I knew that this was meant to be.

08/01/15 - Jupiter conjunct Natal Saturn in my Ascendent exact at 27° squaring Saturn in Scorpio in my 4th house of home/family at 28°- Moved to Mt. Shasta.
Jupiter allowed a super smooth and easy move from Grass Valley to Mt. Shasta, I sold just enough furniture to afford the move. Saturn at the end of my 4th house - Nothing extravagant, I moved into a tiny room in a tiny apartment in Weed with a woman and her sweet dog from the Sangha that I could afford.

Jupiter conjunct my Ascendent Leo within 1°
05/13/15 - I was in Lake Shastina going to meet my new teacher and receive the grace of his powerful transmission of silence. I realized my new love affair was with this silence.

07/12/15 - Pluto square Pluto exact - during my nap I had a dream I was being burned alinve and it didn't even hurt because I was transparent.

And so my journey with Devaji has just begun. The path is well lit and cleared before me. Feeling the inevitability of enlightenment in this life for this character.