Monday, July 17, 2017

Human Design PHS Experiment - Diet of Indirect Light and Touch

*Update 10/29/17 - I only lasted on my PHS experiment for about 2 weeks, turns out my energy crashes are due to a much larger issue than when I eat. Found out from some blood work that I have Epstein Barr Virus and this is why I'm so exhausted all the time. I knew I had it intuitively, but now that I have this evidence, I'm addressing it with different supplements and oral hydrogen peroxide therapy. See my next post for details. Good luck with your PHS experiment.

Today is Day 5 of my Indirect Light Touch eating experiment. Feeling good and it's been surprisingly easy to just drink liquids and munch on a few carrots during the day. (on a side note I am using Thrive with the DFT Duo patch which helps cut cravings tremendously, a huge reason it's been much easier this time around.) Night time comes and there's this energy, mostly mental, I've never experienced before. This PLR DRR Manifestor passive body is truly meant to just chill most of the time. I now accept even at my peak energy levels and health, I will never be a generator doing things and going places on a consistent basis. It's really this mind that the nutrition is meant for. And even that needs long periods of rest and meditation. The past few years I've become a pretty healthy eater out of necessity to try and heal a chronic fatigue situation. So slowly I've gotten rid of food addictions (popcorn and coffee were the last ones to go) and now eat very little sugar, no gluten, mostly veggies and organic meats, and some healthy clean carbs.. and all in a search to find out what was making my energy crash and honestly it has been impossible to find a pattern with relation to food and the body's energy.
Ironically, Ra has said that it doesn't matter what is eaten was long as it is dark out, the body will take in the nutrition. So there is curiosity to test this theory but not want to go overboard with eating "toxic cardboard" food. But last night I tested it, I made a 4 hour drive in the evening to avoid the heat, I was excited for the sun to set so I could eat yet not sure what I wanted to eat. I ended up stopping at Panda Express of all places, fast food I haven't eaten in years. It was intense in flavor and kind of satisfying. Then I was still hungry about an hour later and stopped and ate Taco Bell, then around midnight I had a piece of sourdough toast - not gluten free! - with butter and jam just to make sure I went to be on a full stomach. Today I'm feeling really stable energy despite all the junk I ate last night. Feeling Surprised and Curious that this is happening and encouraged to keep going. Anyone else experiment with this "you can eat anything as long as it's at night" theory? How's your PHS experiment going? The PHS Determination in Human Design is about how we take in nutrition from our food and people in the most optimal way. My Color is 6 and I am Right Fixed which means my design absorbs the most nutrition after the sun goes down or in Indirect Light. If I do eat during the day I can pull the curtains closed and eat by a lamp. But I'm going extreme this time and only eating when it's dark out, which right now is 8:30pm so it's a long day. My Tone is 6 which indicates a need to touch my food when preparing and/or eating it because my fingers are literally taking in the nutrition information from the food more so than my mouth.