Saturday, April 23, 2016


I don't know
who I am
any more:

a writer,
an activist
a lover of Truth?

I used to take pictures
and I was good at it
I called myself
a photographer

And once
I was a barista
sligning espresso
like I'd been born for it

I showed promise
of a powerful career
as a film maker

Imagining myself
on the red carpet
being photographed
and receiving accolades
for helping to preserve
our precious wildlife

There were dreams
to be a business catalyst
moving forward fresh,
eco-friendly entrepreneurs
to help green the world
and make money doing it.

She badly wanted
to be somebody
Somebody who mattered

wanted it so badly.
Who was that?

slowly releasing
this burden
of needing
to be

it no longer fits
it was never

and it's been
too heavy
for too long.