Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Fearless, Wild and Free

There's nowhere to go from here
but down
deeper into the well
where I'm told
the treasure lies 

it's walls are jagged & rough
there's no where to grab
the air is thick with death and decay
I can barely breathe.
It hurts. 

Something whispers in the background
stop thrashing, relax
come deeper still my love
fall into me
I'm not finished with you yet.


She releases me
after what seems like eternity
gasping the glorious fresh air
once again
grateful to be alive

the familiar colors & textures of 
the dense world I've tolerated
become brighter, friendlier
and more inviting

I'd like to think that with each plunge
there's a little more grace
a little less thrashing
but perhaps that's not true at all

perhaps she's teaching me to let go
and to be messy again
to get comfortable with the discomfort
of feeling everything

for I know in my heart of hearts
this is the way to re-discover
the gems which I seemed to have lost
unshakeable TRUTH
unconditional LOVE
& true everlasting PEACE

My soul asked for this
The darkness pulls me heels dug deep
to humble this raging ego
and rip this heart open wide
so that I may live like I was born to live...

Fearless, Wild, and Free!