Monday, June 16, 2014

Cracked Open

Cracked open once again
my heart washed clean
with a salty river of tears.
I Am Alive!

Suffering, my badge of honor
along with the past,
my ideas of what was me
All together, slowly slip away.
A gentle reminder of where
I once was and will never again be.

To be merged again
free to just Be,
it's all been worth it.
From self loathing to
love of Self,
My humanity and yours
is all welcome here
in the space I call Me.

Bowing with humility
to the Divine within
however cruel you once seemed
I am now forever grateful
for shoving me into hell
so that I may know God
and walk with him in
Here and Now.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Don't get caught in the Whirpool

The point of any spiritual system, religion or healing practice worth following should ultimately be to guide the person to transcend the system itself. We can easily get trapped in the spiritual whirlpools of technique, labels and dogma of our beloved systems. Attaching words and stories to describe our pain and success, we latch onto these words to create new identities, holding tightly to the belief that our conceptual understanding of God is what makes us further along than the next one in the game of waking up. However spiritual the words are, however clearly you can understand and convey them, the words alone do not make you more connected. Words can never describe the ultimate truth of your being. When we finally accept that we have no idea what the hell is going on here, nor does anyone for that matter, then we can be cracked open to true wisdom. We start to see we are beyond systems, concepts, words and all the stories of our pain and glory. When the mind surrenders to not knowing, the body can then experience that which the mind is attempting to understand. The next level of understanding is available and the very cells and energy structures which create our dense body also begin to understand and surrender to the mystery. And through this "grocking", a lightness of being emerges. Taking time each day to release ourselves from all mental concepts and allow our cells to experience the vastness of our true nature slowly opens the heart so we can freely ride the waves of our thrilling, heroic and sometimes utterly mundane human movies.