Friday, February 26, 2010

My Open Solar Plexus - WTF!!

I have an open solar plexus which means I am a non-emotional being. So in short, I can't trust any of my emotions. The reason I feel emotions is because I absorb and amplify others emotions. Okay, so maybe that's why I've felt like shutting myself off from the world. When it comes to negative emotions, okay, perhaps it's a good explanation of why I feel like an emotional being. However, when it comes to happiness, peace, joy, I want to own those. When I went hiking yesterday in my new backyard, the mountains of Laguna, I swore I found paradise. I was in a pure state of joy about my new home and environment. As a person with an open G center, I affirmed for myself that place is indeed everything. There was no one else around to persuade this emotions, it just was.

Eckhart Tolle actually says an emotion is your body's reaction to your mind that joy is the one pure state you can rely on. I believe that what I was feeling was my own true joy.