Friday, May 7, 2010

You, Me and My Open G

I can't say how true it is about the Open G and importance of place. I swear, my life made a complete 180 when I moved to my little den in Laguna. I truly found my place and a new chapter has begun. I found a relationship. I found GanoCafe business. I found a perfect little group of friends. I got rid of controlling friends who don't fulfill me. I found Human Design.

A few weeks ago I was getting a little anxious because my unemployment ran out. (Side note, bless the government for my unemployment. That year was my greatest year of healing, I slept, I hiked, I meditated, I got good at just being. I don't care what anyone says, that money helped me become a healthier, happier person and a more powerful "manifestor" in society. My impact will be more positive and more powerful because of it.) Whenever my mind would start to get nervous about money, I would affirm "I have the perfect job for me right now" and would thank the universe for everything I already had. I started to really savor those days of having nothing to do, walking along the beach, running in the hills, making beaded decorations for my new house, because I knew something was coming.

And sure enough, something came along. After informing my sister that I was looking for work, she reminded me of how much she loved her job. I think I said something like "do they have any openings?" and that started her inquiry into getting me a job at her office. (she is a Projector and she definitely guided me into getting the job and is guiding me along the training) I'm now working at a law firm as a bankruptcy case manager. I get to help people through the process of bankruptcy, use my left brain power to crunch some numbers, be organized and detailed, and get better at multi-tasking. As I sit in my cubical, I surrender to the 9-5 because what I need in my life is simplicity right now and this job will allow for that. It's not going to be easy being trapped all the time, but it will allow me to get some new shoes, clothes, and a much needed hair cut! It will test my ability to be Zen in any situation, anytime, anywhere. Thanks to Holosync, I have become better at staying present, not letting emotions and my monkey mind get the best of me.

Gina Cocotelli
read my chart last Saturday and it was life changing. I learned from Gina that I packed a pretty good "punch" in this lifetime. I also learned about my Incarnation Cross. The top 2 numbers on both sides of your chart are 60-70% of who you are. My numbers are 48, 21, 53, and 54. Gate 48 says I'm designed to use my depth of talent to serve people, connect them, help them stretch themselves. I came with a driving force. AMEN!! Gate 21 says I'm designed to be in Control, I'm the Huntress! I can be a great leader if I stay in tune with those that I'm leading and learn to balance rest with work. With Gate 53, I need space to start new things, expand things, and re-invent myself. These things keep me healthy. With my Gate 54, I can be successful both materially and spiritually.

Moving forward, she encouraged me to notice how I naturally "hook people up" and emphasized my strong intuition and that I need to TRUST in it. My Intuition is extremely powerful and I live moment to moment. I have the ability to be very ZEN in this lifetime. Sounds good to me, I will be practicing Zen. I'm also supposed to recognize when I feel rushed to get things done (because of my open Root), when other people's emotions are influencing me (with my open Solar Plexus, I'm not sure how to tell this one yet although when I was hanging out with my boyfriend the other day, I cried for no apparent reason, when I asked him if he was sad he said he was a little) and when I'm informing people.

I'm going to be working with Gina, who is also a business coach, to hone in my skills, narrow in on my Vision for this lifetime and start to take steps towards fulfilling my "purpose". First step is a Living Your Design course which I want to take in person with her in June.

We all know this day job is just temporary as I gather my tools and work with my new coach to figure out how to best use this incredible design I've been given. It's definitely going to cramp my ability to be spontaneous which I'm not so thrilled about. We'll see if I can get through a year of feeling like a caged animal. I'm really not designed to work 9-5. That I'm sure of.

This Saturday is a live forum call with John Martin!! Living Human Design, a Warrior's Path. I'm looking forward to learning how other people are living out their designs.