Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Power Play - Gate 34

Gate 34.5 - The Power of the Great , "the energy and fuel for survival"

"Co-creating is in fact the essence of spiritual adulthood; it is the exercise of choice and the acceptance of our responsibility for those choices. Managing our power of choice is the Divine challenge, the sacred contract we are here to fulfill. It begins with choosing what our thoughts and attitudes will be. " Caroline Myss
Gate 34.5 is in transit today and it just happens that I am reading Caroline Myss, the medical intuitive who talks about all disease and it's relation to Power. Coincidence, No. Programming of the Maia - Yes.

I have been ailed with a chronic bladder infection for 2 and half years now and it feels I am ready to get to the bottom of things. Today, I have been exploring what Power means to me and what or who I have given my power over to that has got me to this point of a chronic condition. There are many ways I have learned to give up my power.

When I drink coffee in the morning, I am losing power. It has a hold on me, controls me and therefore is taking my power. I choose to only put healthy drinks into my body.

When I view the past as a mistake, and see my life with a perspective that I didn't get what I needed, I am choosing to associate a heavy feeling to something that is over. This is giving my power to the past which isn't even real. Seeing the past as just that, the past without the story, without the judgement, without the attached charge, seeing the past as something that has no relation to me now, will give me my power back.

When I choose to see the world filled with chaos and confusion, I am giving power to my mind. When I see the world and myself as it is, a continuous miraculous unfolding of mystery, then I am present and empowered in the now. All stimulus, energy and people are a reflection of my vibration. I choose to live in awe. Power power flower power mystic power, the display of power, scary power, powerful, when do I feel powerful? When I am in charge of my space and energy. When I don't let people or situations affect my inner peace. When I control what I consume.

When I see myself as inadequate, lacking in something that I think I should have, and hoping that my partner/lover/friend will fill that void, I am giving my power to another person. When I turn to substances to fill this feeling of lack, I am giving my power to an object.

Caroline Myss - "Spiritual maturation includes not only developing the ability to interpret the deeper messages of sacred texts, but learning to read the spiritual language of the body."