Sunday, September 13, 2015

Can you Feel Yourself?

You Are...
pure vibrant potential
radiating throughout
everyone and everything
originating at your own heart

Can you feel yourself?

You Are...
closer than your own breath
more intimate than the feeling of your body
and you've never even for a second left yourself

You Are...
everywhere, every when and everything
you've never died and never were born
you've always been
right here, right now

weaving the fabric of your own universe
with threads made from LOVE

You are...
this vast open space
empty, silent, still
yet full of mystery and wordless beauty

You silently watch your life unfold
enjoying every single second
of your very own creation
no matter how dark or chaotic it may seem

Silly you..
Why did you forget yourself,
contracting into a tiny little person
who suffers, desires and craves things
that come and go?

Oh yes,
you wanted to play the game of life
that you may experience every single thing
there is to experience
dark and light and everything in between

And with each passing phenomena
each satisfaction of desire
something never feels quite like home

you decide to quit playing the game
and be Still
slowly you turn back to your center
to find out what remains
when everything else comes and goes

And you begin to fall into yourself
enamored with your own vast and timeless essence
and when you fall all the way in
once again
you are basked in the Grace of Eternal Joy and Peace
and you will never forget yourself ever again
no matter what!

Can you feel yourself?