Sunday, February 14, 2016

Devaji - He Loves Me Free

Written after our meeting yesterday...and it happens to be Valentines day.

Your Pure love has come
to carry me home
it's a gift from heaven
a cradle from the divine
the missing piece
i didn't even know i needed

you penetrate deeper this time
with the gaze of eternity
something softens
allowing currents of warmth and tenderness
to slowly melt this fortress of protection

this pure love
never known before
shatters the mind

in our silence, I begin to feel you
and this love you have for me
not from something i did
or what i've said
or what i can do for you
you really do
Love me True

the trust grows
a knowing deep inside whispers
lean in sweet girl
into this one True thing
fall in my Love
and discover your SELF
the love which never left

with your unconditional Love to guide the way
freedom is assured
Thank you Devaji