Saturday, December 3, 2016

Jupiter in Libra Opposite Uranus Square Pluto = Accelerated Evolution through Relating

Through taking responsibility for ourselves and our emotions in relationships we can see that our pain and suffering is here for our growth. When someone does or says something that "triggers" us and makes us upset, the only choice we have is to either see the gift or start blaming or lashing out on the person and play the victim. We can choose to stop and feel the pain, breathe through it, and heal it or we can choose to continue to be captive to our childhood wounds. It can be painful process but it's here for our own growth. The mind will try to distort and blame and rationalize, don't listen to it. JUST FEEL!
Here's the cold hard truth that's becoming much more clear, no one else is responsible for how you feel. And no one is responsible to make you feel better. When we are triggered, it's due our own un-met shadows within. Will you choose to face and accept the shadow or continue to run away, smoke more pot, guzzle another beer, eat more shit and numb yourself from the pain? First step is awareness. 2nd step is to STOP And Feel, 3rd Step is to be FREE! Love wants us back so desperately that it's willing to make us suffer until we turn within and face what's blocking us from knowing who we really are, pure LOVE.