Saturday, November 3, 2012

Splenic/Ego Manifestor Mechanics

Spleen!! A new experience of getting a new job, internship and my first studio of my own just happend to help me understand how my splenic authority works. As a Splenic/Ego Manifestor - The theme for me is this, I'm moving along slowly, resting, working a little, chillin, non-energy la la...then a feeling for change arises and builds, but I've learned now that just because this feeling/thought arises that doesn't mean that I should act...I still need to wait and watch, basically I'm waiting for the splenic hit that comes with the energy surge of the ego...and then all of a sudden there is a necessity and drive to act, every cell in my body suddenly says make a move, I pick up the phone, send some emails, meet who I need to meet, and there is a huge drive and determination to get er done...make it happen...for my own well being...when my authority is clear, and when this ego energy is available, shit happens so fast! And then I rest again :) To be living in Innocence (6th color) is to become intimate with the unknown. No matter how much talk and thinking about desiring this or that goes on, what really is supposed to happen will make itself clear in the moment. Learning to let go of desire and trust my spleen is my journey. It really has done a great job thus far.

One of my totem animal is a Bobcat. I saw 3 of them within 1 month when I lived in Santa Cruz.