Saturday, November 3, 2012

Taste of Freedom

Looking back over just one day that I felt rather blah about I now realize that so many feelings and experiences passed through me. For example...
Envy of the cat on my lap, so cozy, so serene, so at peace with sleeping all day
Boredom of mundane tasks
Appreciation of the orange tint of sunset outside my window
Confusion of how I feel about a new relationship
Anxiety about a future social situati on that hasn't happened yet
Frustration over not feeling like I'm enough
Energy and excitement about the possibility of my very own studio apartment Sweet and sassy as I giggled on the phone with a friend
Delight as my mouth melted on some pecan soy ice cream
Nervousness and overwhelm about starting a new job
Sadness and concern about my aversion to people
Lost with no direction
Sympathy for people who have no home
Annoyance at technical difficulties
Laziness for not exercising
Love for the little toddler having a difficult time communicating with her dad Blessed to have so much abundance
Turned on by watching a rocking music video …………………………………….
Feeling it all, heart opening to everything, I begin to taste true freedom.